Proagar S.A is founded in 1983.

The industrial plant is located in the banks of Maullin River in Los Lagos region which is 1000 kilometers far from Santiago, the capital of Chile and has abundant water resources of good quality.

It produces Agar Agar from seaweed Gracilarias chilensis, which grow naturally and in farming centers.

During these years on the market, Proagar S.A. has received the confidence and support of several customers in Japan, Russia, USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and South America.

This recognition motivates us to be better and to continue working to provide varieties of agar-agar that are needed today and that our customers need in the future.

Its production is aimed at obtaining a product with the specifications of each customer and meets quality standards and health requirements set by national and international regulators based on JECFA, Food Chemicals Codex and technical standards CER/NT2 – The National Fisheries Service of Chile (Sernapesca -Chile).


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