Agar-agar is insoluble in cold water, but hydrates and absorbs a large amount of water, up to 20 times its own weight, dissolution in hot water is fast boiling point and is capable of forming gels at low concentrations.


The gelling fraction of the agar agar has a double helix structure, which gathers to form a three-dimensional structure that retains water molecules in its interstices making thermo reversible gels.

Gel Strenght

The gel strength of agar agar is influenced by the concentration, time, ph and contents of sugar. The ph affects the gel strength making it decrease as the ph diminishes; while with the sugar contents gels with much harder but with less cohesion are gotten.


The viscosity of an agar solution is influenced and depends directly on the source of raw material. The viscosity at temperatures above 60 ºC is relatively constant between 4.5 to 9.0 ph; but once the gelling process starts the viscosity increases with the time.

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